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Covercrete Resurfacing

Covercrete is a concrete sealant used for decorative purposes as well as practical purposes. As a non-slip and hard wearing surface, it is an ideal choice for patio areas, pool surrounds, outdoor entertainment areas, entrances, paths, driveways, and garage floors.

Resurfacing is designed to create a decorative finish on existing concrete surfaces. Our spray-on decorative coatings bond directly to any suitable concrete or cement surface. It can be bonded horizontally or vertically.

Covercrete creates a slip resistant, textured decorative surface with excellent durability and abrasion resistance. It can be installed at a fraction of the cost of removing and replacing worn concrete. There are virtually unlimited designs, patterns, textures, and colour options, limited only by your imagination.

If you’re ready to transform your Covercrete surface into a modern and functional space, call us today on 0404 244 619. We're happy to answer your queries and get you a no-obligation estimate within 12 hours.

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